A healthy child is in the process of developing in three major dimensions: physical, mental and spiritual. Our goal is to help the individual child develop in each dimension, keeping in mind each child’s own strengths and weaknesses. We strive to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum within a nurturing Christian environment. 

It is also a goal of our preschool to have strong home/school communication and involvement. Parent participation and open communication between staff and families, provides for a mutual exchange of ideas and concerns so that our program can continually and adequately serve the needs of its children and their families. 


NOTICE of Nondiscriminatory Policy As To Students 

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church Christian Preschool admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school administered programs.



Prince of Peace Preschool is licensed under the Office of Early Childhood. We comply with the state licensing regulations and policies as described in the “Statutes and Regulations for Licensing Child Day Care Centers”. These requirements cover aspects relating to staff qualifications, facility, playground, health and safety policies/procedures and staff/child ratios. We are inspected yearly by the state and are relicensed every 4 years. 



Prince of Peace preschool is an outreach program of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. The day to day operation of the school and implementation of school policy is the responsibility of the head teacher and school board. The preschool reports to the church leadership and is ultimately governed by the voters assembly as set forth in the Constitution of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church. 


A quality staff is an imperative factor in having a quality program. Staff must meet or exceed state licensing requirements in education and experience. During the year, staff attend workshops or in services to enhance their skills. All have state background check requirements met and health requirements met. State first aid and CPR requirements also maintained. Most important for any and all employees of Prince of Peace Preschool is we recognize that children are a blessing and a gift from God. Our job is to plant the seed of God’s love for them and to help them grow in sharing God’s love with each other. 


Children who will be three years old as of December 31 are eligible for the Two day session. Any child who is between 32-36 month old before Dec. 31, will be subject to all the regulations regarding ratio and group size that would apply to a child already 3 years of age. A written authorization is required from the child’s parent. 

Children who will be four years old as of December 31 are eligible for the Three day or Five day sessions. 

Parents need to complete a registration form and pay the nonrefundable registration fee and the first tuition payment to secure a spot for the upcoming school year. Completed health forms must be submitted prior to the first day of class. The date of the last physical exam by the doctor may not be more than one year earlier than the close of the new school year or else another health form will need to be submitted during the year. 


The primarily 3 year old group meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The four/five year old group meets Mon./Weds./Fri. mornings. A five day option is open for four/five year olds who may attend both the two and three day programs. The school will be open between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon. “Lunch Bunch” is available on Mon. and Weds. Children may bring their lunch and stay from 12-1 p.m. for $5 per day. Upon arrival each morning and again when picking up their child, parents will sign their name and the time in the attendance book. The preschool year will begin with a parent/child orientation session the first Wed. after Labor Day, with the first class session to begin either the Thursday or Friday of that week. The preschool year ends the last day of May. However, snow days are made up thereafter. The preschool will follow the Coventry public school calendar with regards to vacation and scheduled days off. In case of a 2 hr. delay of Coventry public schools, our preschool will open at 10 a.m. 


While the state regulations allow each class to have a maximum of 20 children in them (one staff person for every ten children), Prince of Peace Preschool makes every effort to keep our teacher/student ratios down. We prefer to have 18 children as the maximum number in the three day class. In the two day class, we strive to have no more than 12 three year olds and 2 four year olds in the fall. After December, depending on the make-up of the 2 day class and at the teacher’s discretion, we may accept another child or two in the 2 day class. Regardless of class size, all children are supervised by the teacher, assistant, or parent at all times, maintaining a 1-10 ratio or less, where ever the children are. No student is ever left unattended in any classroom or on the playground. Bathroom breaks will be available during transition times. When all the children go to the restroom, two staff will accompany the group to the restroom area. If children need to use the bathroom at other times, the teacher or assistant will take a number of children together in order to maintain the 1-10 ratio. 


Our goal at Prince of Peace Preschool is to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum that meets the needs of each of our students, as well as the needs of the group. To help children become well balanced individuals the areas of social/emotional, cognitive, and physical development are incorporated throughout the day through a variety of activities and opportunities. While we have a routine in place, flexibility in schedule and curriculum interests is a must for preschool aged children. 

The following are aspects of our educational plan: We incorporate a mixture of individual and small group activities, child initiated and staff initiated activities, active and quiet play time, varied choices in materials and equipment for the children; and both indoor and outdoor activities providing for fine and gross motor development. Exploration and discovery are encouraged, are as many problem solving experiences that help facilitate concept formation, language development and sensory discrimination. Through creative experience, the children have the opportunity to develop and express their own ideas and feelings in all parts of the program (i.e. through art/media, dramatic play, music, language, motor activity etc). Language skills learning- verbalization, listening skills, the connection of the spoken word to the pictoral and written word- are attained through many opportunities for spontaneous conversation, problem solving between children, dramatic play, as well as experiences through books, poems, stories, songs, etc. Health education experiences include the modeling of good health practices, sound nutrition and safety awareness as well as incorporating specific units during the year. Throughout the preschool day we want the children to have experiences that promote self- reliance and build their self esteem. We want to meet and enhance the needs of the diversity among our children which include cultural, language and the developmental differences. Learning about and appreciating our differences and similarities is a major component in showing God’s love to one another. 

Our program involves using literature, art, math, science, music, and physical activities to enhance our monthly themes. We encourage the children to treat others with kindness and help take care of God’ s world throughout the day. The following is our very flexible daily schedule: 

9:00-9:15- TRANSITION FROM HOME TO SCHOOL/FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: Puzzles, manipulatives, stringing, some art materials, such as collage, watercolors, crayons, scissors, markers are used by the children. Also, materials relevant to the concepts being presented that week are available. 

9:15-9:30- CIRCLE TIME: Meet as a group and work to develop verbal and listening skills, increase attention span, exposure to concepts and themes such as self, families, community, colors, seasons, senses, shapes, nutrition, animals, transportation, weather, letters, numbers, rhyming, comparisons, patterns, etc. through literature, songs, games, experimenting, discussions, and exploration through concrete items. 

9:30-10:30- ACTIVITY TIME: Choice of fine and gross motor activities, individual and small group activities available: art activities, blocks, dramatic play, sand table, puppets, etc. Children move as they wish between the two rooms engaged in their interests and each other. 

10:30-10:45- BIBLE TIME: Meet as a group to learn about their friend Jesus and God who always loves them, and about the wonderful world that God has made through song, story and movement. 


11:10-11:45- GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: Outdoor time using climbers, swings, balls, etc. if weather permits, or indoor movement/dance, parachute play, bean bag play, etc. 

11:45-12:00- STORY AND SONGS: Meet as a group to reinforce the concepts presented throughout the day primarily through books and songs. 


A good home/school relationship is vital in ensuring the best preschool experience for your child and helping us to become part of the support system for your family. Communication, of course, is the key to any relationship. Aside from daily interaction between staff and caregivers, parents are encouraged to email or text/call the head teacher with any questions or concerns. Please let us know of any big changes in your child’s routine or home life so we can give them extra support at school. 

A monthly newsletter to let you know of our plans for the weeks ahead will be sent out. It will be sent online to you, but there will always be a few hard copies available at school. The bulletin boards have daily/weekly/upcoming events listed. You can sign up to receive emails or texts with reminders of upcoming events. Facebook will also have info./pictures about school happenings on it. (Facebook and the Web site are kept up by board members) Pictures are sometimes taken during the year both by staff and by parents, I will let you know if any families have requested that they do not want their child’s pictures posted on Any facebook sight. PLEASE respect their wishes. 

Prince of Peace Preschool is not a co-op and parents are not required to participate during the school year. We do, however, have an open door policy and encourage parents to share and enjoy some of the preschool experiences with their child. Parents are welcome to volunteer for special occasions throughout the year, or join us for our normal preschool day. Opportunities occur throughout the school year i.e. helping with cooking or art projects, coming in to read, sharing a hobby or your occupation with us, joining us for Special Days, joining us on Out of School Fun days, or coming in to substitute for the assistant. 


CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS- At Christmas time we will celebrate Jesus’ birthday with the three day class acting out the Christmas story and the two day class telling about Jesus’ birth through song and retelling of the story. Families are invited to join us for our celebration during the preschool morning. 

VALENTINE’S DAY is another time when families are invited to come and share a special valentine’s tea party with us at school. 

END OF THE YEAR- On the last day of preschool, the 2 day class, has a picnic out on the playground which families are invited to. The 3 day class has an evening Graduation ceremony full of songs, food and fun. 

FAMILY FUN NIGHT- At least once a year the families can come together and have a fun evening doing an activity together. It is usually a combination of book and open art activity, though sometimes it has been an ice cream social. Whatever we choose, it is always a fun, relaxed night to spend with family and friends. 

Home/School Relationship (cont) 

PERSON OF THE WEEK-3 day class- This is a chance for each child to have a special week to share about themselves and what they love. They are encouraged to bring in pictures, toys, the Mystery Bag, and a special guest (usually a parent or grandparent), At the end of the week, they are given a bible storybook donated by a member of Prince of Peace Church. 


On occasion, an outside location may be chosen to visit in order to enhance the children’s understanding of their world. On these days, school will be closed. We will close school one day for each class in the fall, so that we can meet up at an apple orchard (usually Buell’s Apple Orchard) for a tour. We will also close early one day in Oct. and one day in May, so we can meet at Orchard Hill Estates to deliver fall treats (baked goods) and flowers in the spring to some of the residents. In May we will close school for those interested in visiting U Conn’s Horse Barn Hill for a morning. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to provide or secure transportation for and supervision of their child for all of these enrichment activities. No chaperones will be provided by Prince of Peace Preschool. Families assume responsibility for any financial liability or obligation which their child personally incurs or injury or damage to the person or property of others which their child causes or contributes to which on the trip. 


Car pools and other transportation are left to the parents’ initiative, as well as having adequate car insurance and child seats. If someone other than yourself or designated pick up people will be picking up your child on a given day, please give a written consent note to the teacher on or prior to that day. Caregivers must bring their children into the classroom and pick them up from the classroom and advise the teacher of their departure. PLEASE hold your child’s hand when crossing our parking lot and be vigilant concerning other children. 

SNACK: Snack for the class is provided by our families on a rotating basis. Please sign up for a day that is convenient for you. The snack calendar is posted outside the snack room. Parents provide 5 oz. cups and napkins, apple juice and a nutritious snack, such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, yogurt, muffins etc. Please list what snack you will bring a week in advance (per state requirements). There will be a sign up for crackers that is separate from the regular snack calendar. A new sign up for crackers will be put up as needed. Please bring snack in original packages so we can check for ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. A list of food allergies will be posted at the beginning of the school year. 

CLEANING: We ask that parents sign up for one month during the school year to clean (with other parents) our classrooms. Teachers clean daily, but the bi-weekly cleaning really helps keep the germ sharing to a minimum. The list of duties as well as a sign up sheet is in the hall. Three parents are on each month to make the work go a bit faster and with a lot more fun. 

FUNDRAISERS: We do have some fundraisers which we use either to make budget or to purchase some of our equipment. The rocking boat, the blocks, the climbing caterpillar, the metal climbing “web”, the blinds, the rug are all examples of items bought over the years with fundraiser money. 

Home/School Relationship (cont.) 

RECYCLABLES: Parents can help out by bringing a variety of recyclables or other “wish list” items that are used throughout the year i.e. oatmeal containers, shoe boxes, paper towel rolls, etc. 

SCHOLASTIC BOOKS: Scholastic book flyers are sent out @ once a month for those parents who would like to purchase inexpensive books for their children. The school gets bonus points and/or books during the year. 

WHAT TO WEAR: We play hard so we ask that you send your child dressed in comfortable play clothes. Rubber soled shoes are recommended. While we do use smocks to paint, they do not cover the children completely and spills will happen. The temperature in the rooms is kept at 66 degrees. Using layers to dress your child is a good idea. We will go outside whenever possible, so please have your child bring appropriate outdoor clothing. In cold weather boots, hats, mittens and snow-pants should be brought daily. Please label all personal clothing and other items with your child’s name. Parents are also encouraged to pack an extra set of clothes in a ziploc bag with their child’s name on it that we can keep at school in case a spill or accident happens. The preschool does have some spare clothing, but it makes it easier for your child to have their own set. 

CUBBIES: Each child will have a cubby where their papers from the day are kept. If your child needs to bring something from home to ease the transition to school this item will also be kept in the cubby. Children should not bring any money to school. 


We have a positive discipline policy at Prince of Peace Preschool. Positive discipline teaches children how to behave appropriately. Positive discipline respects the rights of the individual child, the group and the adult. Positive discipline is different from punishment. Punishment tells children what they should not do. Positive discipline tells children what they should do. Clear limits of what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior are set and conveyed to the children. We strive to promote appropriate behavior by showing God’s love throughout the day to each other: sharing, verbalizing both problems and accomplishments, helping each other, showing empathy and compassion, listening to each other, etc. are some of the ways to show God’s love. Inappropriate behaviors include by are not limited to hitting, spitting, throwing things, or biting. The staff will deploy developmentally appropriate behavior management techniques to aid in the elimination of the inappropriate behaviors (see below). Positive discipline takes time, patience, and repetition. While children are in attendance, the staff will not engage in, or allow, abusive, neglectful, physical, corporal, humiliating, or frightening treatment or punishment, and shall not tie or bind children and shall not physically restrain children except for the protection and safety of the child or others, using the least restrictive methods, as appropriate. There is continuous supervision by staff during any disciplinary action. 


The staff strives to respond to and reinforce positive behavior in all children. We use encouragement rather than competition, comparison, or criticism. If a child is behaving inappropriately, the staff may employ any combination of the following strategies: 

1. Redirect the child to a new activity to refocus the child’s behavior. 

2. Provide individualized attention to help the child deal with a particular situation. 

3. Divert the child and remove him from the area of conflict so the child may regain self-control. 

4. Provide alternative activities and acceptable ways to release feelings. 

5. Criticize the behavior, but not the child. 



Please try to be on time for both drop off and pick up. Children need to have a full morning at school and the security of knowing when they will go home. The attendance book is in the hallway, sign in and out with the time. Preschool begins at 9 a.m. please bring your child to school no earlier than 8:50/8:55 as staff need the time in the morning to prepare for the day ahead. When dropping off, establishing a short routine can make the transition from home to school much easier…i.e. help your child sign in, give a kiss and hug, tell them you’ll see them at lunchtime and then go. 

Send a note if your child will be picked up by someone other than their usual pick up person. If we do not know the person, please ask them to show us some ID. If on the rare occasion you can’t pick up on time, just give us a call so we can reassure your child. If lateness for pickup becomes chronic, there will be a fee. 

There is a doorbell if you do arrive late or need to pick up early and the door is locked. Always come through the building or approach the playground from the side parking lot---not Rt. 31. 


It is important and we expect that children will be picked up promptly. However, if you will be unavoidably detained for more than 10 minutes, please call the school at 860-742-7548 and notify the teacher when you will pick up your child. If a child is not picked up within 10 minutes of closing time, the following procedure will be followed: Two staff members, 18 years or older, will remain with any child who has not been picked up. The teacher will phone the parents to remind them to pick up their child. If parents are unable to pick up the child or cannot be reached, the teacher will call the emergency contact number and request that the child be picked up. After 1 hour, the teacher will call the police to inform them that a child has been left at the preschool. At 1 ½ hours after the school has been closed, the teacher will call DCF and report that a child has been left. It will be left to DCF as to what action is appropriate. 


*Prince of Peace Preschool has a responsibility to protect children’s health and welfare. We have a responsibility to prevent child abuse and neglect of any child enrolled in our program. We are mandated by law to report all suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. All staff receive training in our abuse and neglect policy, prevention and detection of child abuse and neglect, and the reporting requirements as a mandated reporter. 

*The definitions of child abuse and neglect are as follows (refer to Ct. statutes, Section 46b-120) 

An abused child is: Any child who has a non-accidental physical injury, or injuries which are at variance with the history given such injuries, or is in a condition which is the result of maltreatment such as, but not limited to, malnutrition, sexual molestation, deprivation of necessities, emotional maltreatment or cruel punishment. 

A neglected child is: Any child who has been abandoned or is being denied proper care and attention, physically, educationally, emotionally, or morally or is being permitted to live under conditions, circumstances or associations injurious to his or her well-being. 

*Reporting Requirements: (refer to Ct. statues 17a-101) 

Prince of Peace Preschool staff are mandated to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. Any person or institution who makes or does not make a report in good faith, shall be immune from any civil or criminal liability provided such person did not perpetrate or cause such abuse or neglect. Staff are protected by law from discrimination or retaliation for reporting suspected abuse or neglect. 

Any person who fails to report, may be prosecuted for a Class A misdemeanor and may be required to participate in an educational and training program. 

Any person who knowingly makes a false report may be fined and/or imprisoned. The identity of such person shall be disclosed to the appropriate law enforcement agency and to the alleged perpetrator of the abuse. 

*Procedures for reporting suspected abuse or neglect: 

1. Any staff member witnessing or suspecting child abuse or neglect will inform the Head Teacher immediately, 

2. An oral report shall be made by the individual suspecting the abuse or neglect or the Head Teacher by phone or in person to the DCF Careline (1-800-842-2288) or to local police as soon as practical, but not later than 12 hrs. after the mandated reporter has cause to suspect that abuse/neglect/or a child is in imminent risk of serious harm. 

3. If the child is in imminent danger, steps will be taken to provide the victim of abuse or neglect with the needed medical/safety service immediately 

4. If deemed appropriate by DCF, the Head Teacher will be responsible for notifying the parent or guardian once an allegation of abuse or neglect has been made. 

5. Within 48 hours of making an oral report, a mandated reporter shall submit a written report to the DCF Careline on the DCF-136, Report of Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect. 

The preschool will also retain a copy of the written report. 

*Staff members suspected of abuse: 

We maintain a zero tolerance policy regarding staff members and any form of abuse or neglect. As stated in our discipline policy, while children are in attendance, the staff will not engage in, or allow, abusive, neglectful, physical, corporal, humiliating or frightening treatment or punishment, and shall not tie or bind children and shall not physically restrain children except for the protection and safety of the child or others, using least restrictive methods, as appropriate. Anyone suspecting a staff member of child abuse (either those listed above or sexual abuse) should immediately notify the Head Teacher or the Board of Prince of Peace Preschool. The staff member will take an immediate leave of absence and the steps for reporting child abuse or neglect as listed above will be implemented. Whether or not the staff member may resume her work with children will depend upon the outcome of the investigation. 

*This Child Protection Policy will be posted in the preschool hallway, as well as being a part of the Guide To Prince Of Peace Preschool’s Policies and Procedures given to all of our preschool families 


WEATHER EMERGENCIES The Preschool will not be in session on any day that the Coventry School System closes due to snow or other weather conditions. If Coventry Schools delay opening 2 hours or less, Prince of Peace Preschool will open at 10 a.m. If Coventry Schools delay opening 3 hours, preschool will be closed that morning. 

EMERGENCIES WHILE SCHOOL IS IN SESSION The preschool is registered in Coventry’s reverse 911 system and therefore will be notified of any emergency situations that would directly affect our classes. 

SHELTERING IN PLACE *In the event of a Severe Weather Emergency while school is in session, the following procedures will be followed at the discretion of the head teacher: l. Children will be moved to the basement of the church. 2. Parents will be called and requested to pick up their child. 3. The town emergency director will be notified that the children are at school. 

**In the event of a Lock Down Situation, the children and staff will go to and remain in the basement of the church until the lock down emergency has been resolved. It is important to remember that NO ONE will be allowed to come in to or out of the building during the lock down. Parents will not be able to pick up children until emergency personnel determine the area is “all clear”. Parents will be notified when it is safe to pick up their children. 

EVACUATION In the event that the facility must evacuate, the children will be relocated to the designated evacuation area as instructed by the Town’s Emergency Management Contact. Notices will be posted to alert parents of the location and parents will be called to pick up their children. Ratios will be maintained at all times and 2 staff members will remain with the children until all children are picked up. 

FIRE In the event of a fire, evacuation from the building will be through the closest fire exit. Staff will be responsible for supervising the children and leading them to the fire exit. The head teacher or person in charge will be responsible for taking the attendance book, portable first aid kit, cell phone and emergency files with them. The group will walk to the playground area (swings) and attendance will be taken immediately. If it is not possible to return to the building, staff will walk with the children to Special Joys Bed & Breakfast (41 North River Road, Coventry) across the street. Parents will be notified by phone to pick up their children. 


In case of a medical emergency, a qualified staff member will attend to first aid as needed. Another staff member will call the parent and/or 911 at the teacher’s discretion. For extreme emergencies, 911 will be called. An ambulance will take the child and a staff member to the nearest hospital (Windham Memorial). Another staff member will notify the parent of the child. If unable to contact a parent, the person designated for emergency pick up will be called. Additional staff will be called in, if necessary, to maintain required child/staff ratios. 

ILLNESS-- AT SCHOOL In the event that a child becomes ill during preschool, the teacher will make the child as comfortable as possible in one of the classrooms in which other students are present, while keeping the child from close proximity with the others. The parents will be called and asked to pick up their child. If the parent is unavailable, then the person designated by the parents for emergency pickups will be called and asked to pick up the child. At no time will a child be left alone. 

ILLNESS—HOME For the health of all our children, please keep a sick child home. Any child with an oral temp. of 100.4F or higher should be home until there is no fever for 24 hours. Any child who is vomiting, has diarrhea, as a productive cough, has a rash consistent with a communicable disease, or who is not able to participate in classroom activities should be kept home. Children should stay home until they feel and are no longer infectious. Please call the school each day your child is going to be absent. 

MEDICATION We do not have a licensed nurse/doctor on staff. Only staff members who have been certified for the administration of medication may administer medications of any sort. The health and safety of the children is our first concern. Staff members, who are trained to administer medications, must observe the following guidelines concerning the dispensation of medications. 1. Medication should be given at home if possible. 2. Whenever possible, the child should have the first dose/application applied at home to avoid unexpected side effects, adverse reactions or allergic reactions occurring at school. 3. A Medication Administration Record will be filed when medication is received from parent/guardian and completed as medication is administered by certified staff. 4. All medications (with the exception of an EPI pen) will be stored in a locked container/cabinet. 

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION: All medications must have an Authorization for the Administration of Medication by Preschool Personnel form for the administration of prescription medication, signed by the doctor and the parent. No prescription medication will be administered to a child unless the medication is in its original safety-cap container with a current prescription label, which includes the date, child’s name, physician’s name and directions for administration (dose, route, time). NON-PRESCRIPTION MEDICATION: In order for non-prescription medication (i.e. Tylenol, Benadryl) to be given, we must have an authorization for the Administration of Medication by Preschool Personnel form signed by the doctor and the parent with specific instructions (dose, route, time) and in the original bottle, with a child safety cap, that the medicine came in. 


If a problem develops, we hope that you will speak directly with those involved. Most problems within a preschool are non-life threatening and can be resolved by: 1.Discussing the problem with the classroom teacher. 2. Discussing the problem with the program director. 3. Request in writing a meeting with the Board of Prince of Peace Preschool. 

If the problem is not resolved you may contact the Office of Early Childhood- Division of Licensing at 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 302 Hartford CT. 06103, 1800-282-6063 or 1-860-500-4450 

In case of an emergency, notify the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood as soon as the emergency is under control. In case of abuse/neglect or life threatening situations, contact the Dept. of Children and Families at 1-800-842-2288 and the Ct. Office of Early Childhood-Division of Licensing. 

All Inspection reports and compliance letters are available for your inspection at Prince of Peace Preschool or by contacting the Ct. Office of Early Childhood-Division of Licensing. 


Prince of Peace Preschool reserves the right to ask any child to leave the program permanently due to inappropriate behavior, non-payment of tuition, or other irreconcilable problems. When possible, parents will be given 2 weeks notice. 


Parents are urged to give at least two weeks notice before withdrawing a child from the school. Withdrawal does not relieve the parent from the responsibility of paying tuition for the month in which the withdrawal occurs. 


Tuition may be made in one lump sum or in 9 payments. The first payment of the 9 is due, along with the registration fee, when enrolling your child. Subsequent payments are due the first of Sept. and each month thereafter. Statements are Not sent for tuition payments. With our limited budget, we will send one only if payments are late. Salaries are not subsidized by the church. Please make every effort to pay tuition promptly. If you are unable to make your payment when it is due, or need to make other arrangements, please contact 742-7548. 

Please make all checks out to Prince of Peace Preschool. Checks can be left in the “Tuition Box”. Prince of Peace teachers, Prince of Peace church members are eligible for a 10% discount. Families with more than one child enrolled are eligible for a 10% discount on the 2nd child. 


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